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Start of Something New: Jean Paul Gaultier Quits Ready-to-Wear Collections

Logo_GaultierJean Paul Gaultier announced his plans to stop making women’s and men’s ready-to-wear clothes, as the fashion house aims to dedicate more time on lucrative markets.

‘A New Beginning’

A short statement indicates that the 62-year-old designer wants to concentrate on the world of “haute couture” and perfume lines.

“Commercial constraints, as well as the frenetic pace of collections don’t leave any freedom, nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate,” Gaultier explained his decision. “This is a new beginning, I will be able to express again my creativity fully and without constraints.”

Job Cuts

Gaultier, known as one of the most famous names in fashion, has already been designed ready-to-wear for almost 40 years.

His final RTW collection for spring/summer 2015 will be presented this month in Paris.

Industry watchers expect the closure of the business unit to result in job losses with a few dozen employees.

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How to Prepare a Young Mind for a Career Tomorrow

Readying the mind of an individual starts at an early age. Some parents even read stories to their child who is still inside the mother’s womb. This is because some studies say that an unborn child begins mental and emotional development while still in utero.

employeeWhen your child reaches the pre-adult years, the development process becomes more complicated. You need to consider their desired career path and different ways to get there. With shifting career models and industry demands, you need to equip the young minds with the right skill set that suits their future career.

Immersing in Real-Life Experiences

Get them in some of the prestigious universities like Roseman University, which in corporates immersive learning programs. Through this learning method, students can apply and reinforce the theories and concepts they have encountered during the lectures. This enhances the ability of students to retain information, helping them to easily adapt in the future.

Stimulated environments can solidify the students’ career goals and choice of profession, establishing a solid foundation for their profession. This further develops their practical skills and understanding of real-life situations, especially in the field of medicine.

Fostering Curiosity

Young students need constant reassurance of support and affection, regardless of what fields they are pursuing. By being appreciative of their achievements, you unknowingly nurture their curiosity, which might produce better educated and well-informed workers in the future. This inquisitive attitude may help them quickly develop their talents and explore new concepts.

This is important to note as most school curricula focus on developing basic skills while eliminating non-academic programs, such as sports and the arts.

Creating the Value of Employment

With constantly changing industries and an increasingly competitive landscape, employment becomes a hard earned privilege. Industries don’t guarantee slots for individuals with fancy diplomas.

You need to establish the real value of education, from primary to tertiary levels. Make sure that your child has the strong emotional support and has developed the right skills set to secure a job. Most companies look for modest yet confident individuals.

In guiding young minds, institutions and parents should employ a major paradigm shift about workforce training and the relevant skill. You need to ensure that the emerging generations are ready for failures, success and the in-betweens.

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The Anatomy of an Energy-Efficient Window

Did you know that having energy efficient windows can net you around $126 to $465 of savings every year? This is what ENERGY STAR found out in its series of studies on residential living and energy efficiency. Indeed, even such a small part of your home like a window can go a long way to help you maintain a green and practical lifestyle.

windowBut one question remains unanswered: how exactly would you know if your windows are energy efficient? The tradesmen at say that every energy efficient window contains the following components:


Your window frame’s material can define how well it will be in terms of energy efficiency. Most people would resort to aluminum or some steel alternative as a frame, but metals heat easily and therefore make for poor insulators. To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, the Department of Energy recommends going for composite, fiberglass, vinyl, or wood.


Glazing is the next component of energy-efficient windows. There are different options for this:

• Coatings – Low-E, reflective, and spectrally selective coatings all contribute to the overall efficiency of a window. Each one, however, has a different level of energy reduction in a home.

• Gas fills – Argon and krypton are common choices for this, although the latter proves more effective in performing the function of an insulation material.

• Insulation – Your window’s level of insulation dictates how low the U-factor and the solar heat gain coefficient will be. Remember that the lower these figures, the better for your utility bill.

• Tint – The color of your window helps reduce heat and light inside a home, although it does not reduce the U-factor. Black, blue, bronze, gray, and green tints all work well in this regard.


Lastly, the style of your window determines how well it holds up against the heat and the cold. Sliding windows allow more air to pass through than, say, hopper, casement, and awning windows. On a different note, fixed windows block air passage completely.

It’s quite difficult to understand what “energy efficiency” for windows is without understanding its components. Study the parts mentioned and make your windows be

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Diversifying Your Portfolio: 3 Reasons Starting a Shelf Company Abroad is a Solid Investment

hong kong businessYou have decided to take a risk, access other market, and try the business potential of other countries. Doing business abroad is a great way to build and improve your fortune. Several years ago, investors found it difficult to properly incorporate a business overseas. Today, however, it has become easier, at least in the British Virgins Islands.

Many believe that the scenery is not the only reason millions of companies are attracted to the islands. If you are planning to invest in the BVI, you are going to need more than just reading a travel guide. As with any new business plan, you should research thoroughly and determine if your decision is right.

Investing internationally can be a smart move for a number of reasons:

Access to Banking Relationships

Other markets can provide growth opportunities that may not be available to your country. All shelf companies can give you the ability to apply to open a bank account. The process of starting a shelf company is beneficial if you get the right support at the right moment.

Skip the Difficult Registration Process

Invest in a shelf company if you wish to start a business without going through the complex procedures of building a new one. Doing this allows you to save time, money and effort. Instead of worrying about the requirements, you can allot your time planning on how to boost your finances.

Industry expert says forming a BVI company is a great way to strengthen your financial position. Though it can be easy, there are rules that may affect and delay the process. This is the reason seeking the services of a consultancy firm is necessary.

Sign a Contract Immediately

Every second, minute and hour counts in today’s business world. Fortunately, you can start a new business without waiting. Shelf companies are already there, waiting for you to sign any contract or agreement. With the help of experts, you can get a registered company in as fast as one to three days.

Sure, there are obstacles that will stand in your way, but it is up to you to reap the rewards. Keep in mind that it takes time and patience to build a great business.

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An Enlightened Diet: The Other Side of Butchery

Butchering and cooking meat has long been seen as some unrefined style of cooking, with heavy-handed cuts coupled with the use of grills and stoves. There’s no denying that each style has its own challenges, but painting butchery as a sort of Neanderthal art, and veganism as the diet of the enlightened is absurd. Butchery isn’t all about force, as cooks can present dishes beautifully.

Industry veteran notes that cooking meat requires butchers have a cursory knowledge of chemistry, specifically The Maillard Reaction.

Making Brown

butcherThe Maillard reaction, also known as the browning effect, is when the denatured proteins on the meat’s surface recombine with the sugars present in it. The reaction is what gives dishes their “meaty” flavour, as well as the brown colour – hence the name. The effect commonly occurs when cooking temperatures reach 148°C-260°C.

Chemist Louis-Camille Maillard discovered the reaction when he was trying to find out how amino acids linked together to form proteins. He was trying to break down the meat chemically by heating it, but started a completely different reaction altogether. The reaction was named after Maillard, but the significance of his discovery didn’t become known until many years after he died.

Meat Science

The Maillard Reaction doesn’t just affect meat, it can occur in every kind of protein. During WWII, soldiers complained that their powdered eggs were turning brown, and developing weird flavours. Most of them thought that they were going bad, but powdered eggs don’t spoil that easily. That’s when scientists made the connection between the browning effect and the meaty flavour.

The concentration of amino acids and sugars in the dehydrated products was enough to trigger the reaction, prompting scientists to research on preventing it in future campaigns. Eventually, scientists and cooks have been able to understand the reaction enough to manipulate the creation of flavours and aromas.

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Working It Out: New Study Discovers America’s Most Obese State

peopleMississippi is once again the fattest state in the US, as a new research shows more than 30% of its adult residents are obese.

No Solution, Cause

The report, published by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Johnson Foundation, claims that obesity rates continue to increase over the last few decades.

“This is a problem that doesn’t have either a single solution or a single cause,” said Jeffrey Levi, Ph.D., executive director of Trust for America’s Health, in a press conference about the new report. “But certainly, over the last 30 years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in fast food outlets and our lifestyle changes … in terms of what we’re eating, the quality of what we’re eating and where we’re eating it, and [decreasing] physical activity levels.”

Weight Problems

Researchers said there are only seven U.S. states and one district that has below 25% obesity rate.

Three decades ago, no state had an obesity rate of more than 15%. However in 2010, the statistics have significantly increased.

The disturbing truth about it, obesity experts argued, is how quickly the obesity epidemic has overtaken the country.

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Creating a Living Room That’s Entirely You

living roomThe living room is typically the first area that guests see upon entering your home. Make an impression by creating an elegant living room setting they can only experience in your home. With a touch of your unique personality, you can make your living area look and feel stylish and remarkable.

Be Unique But On a Budget

Traditional living room designs follow a certain set of colour schemes and designs. If you are creating a design that is uniquely yours, you are free to disregard the usual set up. For one, you can have as many colour combinations as you like. You may also choose tables and chairs that are not of the usual shapes. “Non traditional” furniture can add to your expenses so make sure that you set your budget accordingly to avoid any surprises.

Work on a Colour Scheme

Great looking living rooms have distinct colour schemes. In choosing the colour scheme for your own living room, keep in mind that the colours you see in your mind might look different when they are applied as paint. Visit a paint store or home improvement shops and look at paint sample colour chips to see how the colours translate in the “real world.” You may also check out furniture shops to take note of the available colours of furniture, area rugs and other fixtures.

Painting expert suggests choosing a main colour that you like the most. Then, choose another one that complements your first choice. For accent colours, refer to the colour wheel and then choose the ones next to your second colour. The accent colours are perfect for the fabrics and other decors. You may also consider adding a neutral colour for good measure.

Plan the Overall Layout

Decide on the items that you like to place in your living room. Then, determine the placement of the furniture and other fixtures. You can start by choosing a central point in the room and arranging the furniture according to it. Instead of moving things around, you may draw your layout on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to mark the location of entryways and windows, along with their size, height and distances from each other. Take note of the bare walls, corners and other empty spaces and then find the right decorative objects for those areas.

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Penetrating China’s Golden Shield

If there is any lesson from the recent celebrity hacking scandal, it’s that the Internet may always be a dangerous place. Security has always been an issue in the anarchistic social structure, and there have been multiple calls – both legal and social – to clamp down. But, what about the other side of the coin? What happens when there’s too much security on the Web?

Fortunately, there’s a perfect example of just that situation. China has a reputation of not being the most liberal when it comes to Internet freedom. In fact, noted SEO expert SEOReseller Program says the country owns the world’s largest and most sophisticated firewall in the world called the Golden Shield Project.

seo reseller programFor Your (1984) Protection

The Chinese government first implemented the firewall when it decided to open the country to the Internet. The Golden Shield was a means for the government to protect citizens from “hazards” such as pornography, but its use spreads to other aspects of the Internet as well.

The economic explosion in China presents a new market companies can tap into, but they can’t reach them the same they do for the rest of the world. SEO companies in particular will need to make drastic changes to their strategies if they want to get through to Chinese screens.

The government has an entire division of Internet police people that browse the web for sites that violate their content laws. Facebook and Twitter are the two high profile examples of sites blocked in China.

Time to move

There are four screening processes SEOs need to jump through just to get to users, and then go through the regular rigors of the industry. These filters include DNS blocking, connection phasing, URL Keyword blocking, and Keyword Scanning. They all perform the same basic function of cutting contact between a specific site and the user trying to access it.

For SEOs to succeed in China, they need to get inside – literally. SEOs need to have a physical presence and address in the country, and it should operate as a separate entity. They should obtain an Internet publisher’s license, host their site on the mainland, build sites using links from Chinese websites, and not publish any “illegal” content.

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A Teacher’s Guide to Making Math Fun and Engaging

One of the best things you can possibly do for your students is to get them interested in Math at an early age. How many teenagers insist that they will never be good at math, and hate anything to do with it? That kind of thinking severely affects their enjoyment of school, and more importantly, their career possibilities.

mathematics lessonSo if you’re handling an elementary mathematics class, you have a golden opportunity to get them started on the right foot. You can help them understand that math is fun and very useful. This isn’t an easy task, but here are several tips to help you.

1. Focus on simplifying – Many of today’s elementary mental mathematics workbooks are very simple and easy to understand, but others are needlessly complicated. Look through your material and see if there’s anything you can change to make it easier for your students to digest.

2. Integrate math into fun activities – Staring at a blackboard is hardly mentally stimulating, so liven things up with occasional classroom games and activities. There are many interesting games out there, but you can also make up some of your own.

3. Use positive reinforcement – Many children, unfortunately, have deep rooted beliefs about their own math competency. Some think that they are not talented enough, and you will need to use plenty of positive reinforcement to overcome these mental barriers. Work with them slowly and patiently, and generously praise them for their progress.

4. Set up a fun progression system – The best way to become proficient at math is through practice; however, there is usually very little incentive for children to do so. One of the most effective ways to encourage this is by taking a hint from classic RPGs; implement a game-like progress system in your classroom.

Use things such as levels, badges for achievements, and a scoreboard to drive them to compete. If you cannot come up with one yourself, there are plenty of free learning apps, such as King of Math, that you can use as inspiration.

5. Draw from real life examples – Use scenarios, such as shopping for groceries and sorting ingredients for cooking. This is much easier for children to relate to, and they’ll be eager to show off their new knowledge to their parents.

Children naturally love doing puzzles, counting, and discovering patterns. They don’t see it as work. Nobody really starts out hating math, so make sure that their early experience with it is a positive one.

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Pushing the Envelope for Your Data Center Design

Google is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to data center infrastructure design, particularly focusing on efficient cooling, innovating building layouts, renewable energy, and power electronics. Based on Google techniques, here are ways for you to advance your data center design as well.

Focus on the Users

Google is global, so building data centers across the globe is necessary for them to reach their users. Same for your business, place your servers as close to users as possible. Choosing the right locations to construct your data centers is important to achieve success.

Cross All Borders

data centerThis concept is still connected to keeping your users in mind. Knowing what they need and how you can help them get it is important. Now, Google has put data available in the cloud to allow users easy access to whatever they need wherever they may be.

Move Fast

Efficiency doesn’t only refer to how you use electricity to power data center servers. How quickly you design and build data centers is just as important. Create a set of standards for your company to follow so you could move faster, and therefore, more efficiently.

Beyond the Desk

You should go beyond where your location is to find new and interesting solutions for your data center design. For example, Google’s data center in Finland uses sea water and the cold air outside to cool their servers. Find unique designs and features that will help you run your data centers more efficiently.

Look for Innovations

Set higher goals to allow room for more customization in your data center designs. Look for innovations from local resources to improve your process. Don’t be afraid to learn new skills and techniques outside of your core competencies.

You need to learn a lot and keep up with innovations to advance your data centers. Designing them efficiently with all the right tools is important to achieve successful and satisfying results.

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